Murylon® HT

Production based on PA46

This material at a glance

Material characteristics

High wear resistance Electrically isolating High compressive strength Good slide properties Good continuous temperature behaviour

Available colors


The use of this highly temperature resistant polyamide enables reliable operation up to a constant service temperature of +155ºC. The material retains its rigidity and creep strength over the entire temperature range far better than other Murylon® types. Thanks to its increased resistance against oxidative degradation, it is usually used in applications at above +80ºC.

Special characteristics

  • Highly wear resistant and good slide properties, especially at high temperatures
  • Good resistance to thermal aging
  • High creep resistance


Murylon® HT Auburn
  • Slide bearings
  • Chain guide rails and guides for use at high temperatures

Murylon® HT Production based on PA46 - High-performance plastics - Murtfeldt GmbH Kunststoffe - Abbildung 1