Original Material "S" plus+® LFP ESD Approvato da FDA

Slide-optimized and silicone-free

Questa panoramica materiale

Le proprietà del materiale

Elevata resistenza all'usura Elektrisch leitfähig Minima rumorosità Ottima capacità di scorrimento Autolubrificante Utilizzo in ambienti esposti al rischio di esplosione

Disponibile nei colori


Like its "siblings" Original Material "S" plus+® LF and LF ESD, this plastic also impresses users with its low-friction properties and high wear resistance thanks to a constantly low sliding friction coefficient. In particular, its slide optimization properties come into their own with a sliding partner made from POM or PP, enabling an increased dynamic load-bearing capacity for conveyors in comparison with Original Material "S" plus+® ESD.

At the same time, abrasion and thus the maintenance intensity are reduced. However, unlike the two "LF" materials, Original Material "S" plus+® LFS ESD has no additive containing silicone. For this reason, this material is particularly suitable for use in the automotive sector, where attitudes towards substances that are detrimental to paint adhesion are particularly critical.

Caratteristiche speciali

  • Electrical conductivity (compliant with ATEX 95)
  • Silicon-free
  • Very good slide properties when used with POM and PP
  • Very good wear and abrasion resistance
  • Self-lubricating
  • Low and constant sliding friction coefficient, even in continuous operation
  • Up to 50% energy conservation
  • Increased dynamic load-bearing capacity


Original Material "S" plus+® LFP ESD, black
  • Use in production plants for the automotive industry
  • Sliding base for slat band chains, modular link belts, and much more

Original Material "S" plus+®  LFP ESD - Materiali tecnici 1 - Murtfeldt GmbH Kunststoffe - Abbildung 1

Original Material "S" plus+®  LFP ESD - Materiali tecnici 1 - Murtfeldt GmbH Kunststoffe - Abbildung 2